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Concord Concrete Contractor | Stone & Brick Masonry


Whenever you begin to think of using the services of a concrete contractor or masonry contractor, consider contacting Concord Concrete and Masonry. Anyone in Concord, CA who is looking for quality and professional concrete and masonry services can find it when they turn to us for their service needs. We have expert contractors who can effectively help with your foundation, brickwork, stone veneer, pool deck, stamped concrete, decorative concrete, staining, resurfacing, countertop installation, and repair needs. They are adaptable enough to accept responsibility for a variety of service needs. We can also customize the services that you need to suit your budget. You will always get your money's worth by relying on us for your concrete or masonry needs.

About Us

Concord Concrete and Masonry is the leading concrete and masonry company. Our contractors work hard to produce the best results for our customers in Concord, California. They work with dedication and determination, which is how we have been able to establish the best and most reputable service in town. Our contractors pay attention to the details of every job that they are hired to perform. Our clients recognize this and continue to rely on us whenever they need our concrete or masonry services. With over a decade of service under our belt, we hope to be around for far longer by continuing to provide a superior quality of service.

Our Services

Allow us to handle your concrete and masonry service needs. You don’t have to go anywhere else to receive the help you need since we offer a variety of services. Don’t continue running around looking for getting price quotes when we can provide you with one quote that will cover all of your needs. Stop exhausting your time and energy and focus on what we can offer to you at Concord Concrete and Masonry.

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Concrete Contractor

Even if you can take care of your concrete work then you may not find it necessary to contact us to take care of it for you. However, if you have attempted to do this before but you were not satisfied with the work that you have done then please free to contact us at any time to take care of your service needs. We have expert concrete contractors who are prepared to take care of all of your concrete service needs.

Masonry Contractor

Why not let our masonry contractors guide you through the process that they use for producing the best masonry work possible. They provide our Concord, CA customers with a wide range of services so that they can receive all the help they want and need at prices that they can afford. When you want quality masonry services, make sure you contact our local services.

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When you want a customized patio, give us a call! If you have an existing patio and want to have any type of renovations made then should contact someone who can provide you with the help that you need. Most people enjoy quality time with friends and family on their patio. Why not make sure you have a patio that is safe and fully functional by allowing us to build it for you. You always get your money’s worth by relying on our qualified contractors.

Retaining Wall

Our contractors can also build you a lovely new retaining wall. You will receive a solid retaining wall that is built to last when you turn to Concord Concrete and Masonry. Even if you don’t know the exact type of retaining wall that you would like to have, we can assist you with this. We have experts with the necessary skills needed to help with the design of your new retaining wall.

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Our contractors can take on full responsibility for the installation and design of your new driveway, which is why we are the ideal choice when you are looking for someone to address your service needs. We can provide you with a concrete driveway that is sure to stand the test of time. If you need repairs made to an existing concrete driveway, allow us to make the necessary repairs needed.

Pool Deck

The way your pool deck is built and designed is important to your safety. If you want a safe and functional pool deck to enjoy during the warmer months of the year, contact Concord Concrete and Masonry.

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Contact Us For More Information

If you ever need a masonry contractor or concrete contractor, call on the preferred services of Concord Concrete and Masonry. No one is better qualified to assist with your service needs than our talented team of professional contractors. You want and deserve the best, so why not get it by turning to us for your service needs. Since our experts are professionally vetted, we have the reassurance that they can perform the work that you need to be done. Call us at (925) 329-3594 and you can receive the quality of services that you want and deserve.

concrete and masonry worker doing driveway installation

“We have hired many contractors to help with our concrete service needs but none of them were as efficient as Concord Concrete and Masonry. They help build our steps and we have also hired them to make repairs to our driveway. They perform such a thorough job that I don’t have a problem recommending their services to others.” – John J.

concrete and masonry worker doing driveway

“We needed to extend our patio and considered doing it ourselves. However, our neighbor used Concord Concrete and Masonry so we decided to get a quote for the work. They not only offered us the most affordable options but they also did a fantastic job, which is why I will use their services again.” – Arnold R.

completed pool deck project

“I didn't want to be liable for anyone hurting themselves on our stairs so I decided that it was time to have our steps repaired. I reached out to Concord Concrete and Masonry and they sent contractors right away to handle the job. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for quality concrete services in Concord, CA.” – Gary T.