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Concord Bricklayer

this image shows concord concrete masonry bricklayer at work

Bricklaying is an art that has existed for many centuries. While nothing has changed much regarding how bricklayers do their work, the art has been impacted by technology in the recent past. We have seen robotic bricklayers coming into the industry. Even though the number of machines made to lay bricks aren’t many, these robotic machines are here to stay.

Leading Concord Bricklayers

With the use of a conveyor belt, concrete pump, and a robotic arm, the semi-automated mason (SAM) can lay a minimum of 3000 bricks in a day. When you compare this with a bricklayer who can only manage about 500 bricks in a day, you can see how these machines may be beneficial. They work faster and for a longer period. A SAM can also do the heavy lifting. There are no risks of injuries when a robot is laying bricks. Call (925) 329-3594 for free estimates.


While SAM works faster, the role of a bricklayer cannot be completely removed. The bricklayer will be required to smoothen concrete and ensure that bricks and mortar are well put in the system. Even though the use of robotic workers can serve to reduce the shortage of skills in the USA, construction robots are programmed to remain precise. This means the room of errors will be minimal. This can help to reduce expenses and the overall project cost. The robot will be better placed to meet deadlines. By working with the robots, masonry contractors can plan their work well, therefore saving time and financial resources.


While semi-automated machines have their benefits, they also have drawbacks. Since they are limited to bricklaying, they are unable to do what the majority of bricklayers do. The robot can also be very expensive making it unavailable to the majority of small Concord masonry contractors. This leaves SAM to the big businesses only and small concrete contractors may easily go out of business. The introduction of robots can also lead to job losses. This can serve to increase the level of skills shortage.

While the robots are playing an important role, you will still need the traditional bricklayer to plan and execute your project. If you need a reliable name, get in touch with Concord Concrete and Masonry on (925) 329-3594 .