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Concord Colored Concrete

this is an image of the concord concrete company colored concrete project

Top Colored Concrete Contractors

With its many benefits, you can see why many homeowners prefer concrete. It’s durable, affordable and requires little maintenance. However, when it comes to visual appeal, the majority of homeowners find the natural gray color of the concrete to be a little boring. Fortunately, a concrete contractor's Concord can make your concrete floor look stylish using colored concrete. Dial (925) 329-3594 for free quotes and estimates.

Even though colored concrete has been in existence since the 1950s, many homeowners still don't understand the concept. Here are some of the most common questions that homeowners ask concerning colored concrete.

What is the process of making colored concrete?

Many homeowners still don’t understand how colored concrete is made.  This is different from painting or staining. Instead, pigments of iron oxide are added to the concrete mix in a particular ratio.

How can I ensure that I get a consistent color?

For consistent color, you will need to ensure that after the concrete pouring, it is well cured. No matter the type of concrete surface you are making, curing is important. When it comes to concrete, curing can establish a hue that is consistent with the entire surface.

Does colored concrete fade?

Colored concrete has pigments that do not fade. However, the majority of concrete contractors Concord will tell you to use a sealant to get additional protection.

Between the regular concrete mix and colored concrete, which is more expensive?

As compared to the regular concrete, colored concrete can cost 30% more.  The main benefit is that it is installed in a similar way to other concrete types. There are no special services required that will increase its cost.

How can I care for colored concrete?

In most cases, colored concrete is cared for in the same way as the regular concrete surface. It is advisable to use an approved cleaning soap or product to clean stains lightly. The majority of colored concrete users prefer to polish the concrete surface to enhance the sheen.

No matter the type of colored concrete you need, you should get a professional Concord concrete contractor. Once you have professionals taking care of the process, you can be assured of a long-lasting surface. If you are searching for a reliable, experienced and professional cement c contractor, get in touch with Concord concrete and masonry on (925) 329-3594.