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Concord Stamped Concrete Driveway

this picture shows concrd stamped concrete driveway

The very best. That’s us. That’s what Concord Concrete and Masonry does for its customers. Our contractors have years of experience in the business. We know the importance of providing an aesthetically appealing look to a client’s property, especially in this era of magnificent architectural diversity. The work we do means as much to us as it does to you. Concord Concrete and Masonry offers a number of services for its clients. To get started, call (925) 329-3594. In the meantime, let’s talk a little about just one of our many services:  getting a brand new stamped concrete driveway Concord installed for your home or business.

What is Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is concrete whose appearance has been altered to resemble attractive, more expensive materials like brick, slate, flagstone, tile, wood, etc. Stamped concrete, which can also be colored to become stained concrete, is a common choice for clients who seek a good-looking, quality landscape option without enduring the higher cost of more authentic products. And on top of maintaining the look for a lower price, stamped concrete often lasts longer than the natural thing. Concord Concrete and Masonry does this kind of work all the time. We are more than a little familiar with the procedure and are always happy to help. Let’s get into the details of stamped concrete and concrete staining a little deeper.


The primary color, or base color, of your stamped concrete, is totally up to you. Having said that, the base color typically chosen will match the color of the material we’re trying to replicate. In other words, when we want the stamped concrete to resemble brick, the color of choice will doubtless be a shade of red. A flagstone look would be gray. And so on and so forth. Concrete staining is just one more thing that our expert team will provide for you in just the right way to achieve just the right look.

From here we move on to accent color. This would be the secondary color for your stained concrete driveway. It is considered a big part of the process not only because of the actual coloring, but because it will produce the texture of that replicated material mentioned earlier. That means when you call Concord Concrete and Masonry, your stamped concrete driveway isn’t going to just have the look, it’s going to have the feel. We do it all with professional care.


Ah, this is the one you’ve been waiting for. We know why. The pattern will make out the shape of the surface of your stamped concrete. This is the part where an authentic appearance really, truly falls into place. It’s going to mimic the shape of the material you chose to mirror—and it’s going to do it perfectly, because Concord Concrete and Masonry will see to it with patience and precision.

Patterns are made by placing an impression into the concrete after that concrete has been poured using a concrete stamp. It is always done after the coloring process. The concrete stamp is pushed into the concrete and then lifted to leave a selected pattern behind.

As with accent coloring, the best pattern to choose would be one that reflects the replicated material. But it’s really all up to the imagination of our customers, the ideas they have in mind. We’re here to implement those ideas for you. Stamped concrete driveways play a monumental part in capturing countless, picturesque styles for the landscape around your home or business.

What Style Should I Choose?

To answer this question, let’s look at some of the benefits achieved by certain styles you may have in mind.


Slate is easily replicated, and likes to play nice with other styles. It is also slip-resistant. Customers love its rough-cut look that betrays what is actually a smooth surface.


Flagstone is often cut into irregular shapes which give your stamped concrete driveway a rustic expression. Concrete staining for replicated flagstone is often done by hand to create a multi-color look that is quite beautiful when finished.


And speaking of rustic, cobblestone is widely used when a client wants to capture the appearance of an old European road winding through heather moorland on a cloudy day. The texture is friendly to both vehicles and feet. This pattern is also popular for stairs and walkways.

These are just three of the styles we offer for concrete stamping at Concord Concrete and Masonry. There are myriad more to choose, and all come with a guarantee for your complete satisfaction. All we want is exactly what you want:  a beautiful looking stamped concrete driveway for your home or place of business. And when you come to us we’ll be certain that’s exactly what you’ll get. Get started today by calling (925) 329-3594.