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this picture shows concrete steps and stoops

Best Concrete Steps and Stoops

Many homes in Concord have concrete steps and stoops in their entryways. However, when these are poorly designed, they can result in slips and falls.

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To help reduce the chances of falling, here are tips for the installation of concrete steps and stoops.

  • Risers and treads should be uniform throughout the flight. There should be variations in the height and tread width of risers to make them not more than 3/16 inch.
  • Make use of round nosing. Also, improve stair visibility by the use of contrasting patterns and colors. This will ensure that the edges are more distinct and therefore help reduce the chances of missteps.
  • If the tread has a width of fewer than 9 inches, the chances of tripping will be higher. Masonry contractors suggest that the best tread width should be 10 to 13 inches while the risers should range from 6 to 8 inches. These are the most user-friendly and safe dimensions.
  • Installing light fixtures can help prevent tripping risk at night
  •  Use overhead lighting to ensure that the stairs are properly light. Ensure that the transitions between the stairways and the surrounding area are highly consistent
  • A major cause of falls is the lack of handrails. The stair rails should be installed at a height that is suitable for the majority of users. According to masonry contractors Concord, the height should range from 34 to 38 inches.
  • Adding texture to your concrete treads can help to prevent slipping.  One of the recommended textured finishes is exposed aggregate. Alternatively, you can install an anti-slip grit to a protective sealer coat.
  • Ensure that the stairs don’t have any tripping hazards

Hire Concord Concrete and Masonry Pros

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