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Concord Flagstone Patio

this image shows flagstone patio by concord concrete and masonry

Trusted Flagstone Patio Contractors

With narrow packed joints that enable water to permeate through rather than flow away, you can see why a flagstone patio is becoming very popular. This is on top of the fact that a flagstone patio has a natural and organic look due to its earthly shades of reds, browns, blues, and frays. Some of the common types of flagstone patios include sandstone, limestone, and slate. The material provides a durable surface that is also slip-resistant. Call (925) 329-3594 today to get free estimates on your patio needs.

Layouts and Patterns of Flagstone Patios

Whether you need a patio that looks formal or informal, you can always use flagstone. To create a formal look, use cut flagstone and ask your patio builder to lay them in a repeating pattern. To create an informal look, choose irregular flagstones and ask the masonry contractor to lay them randomly. This informal style is also referred to as crazy paving.


  • A random and rectangular pattern


If you need a formal and organized appearance, chose a flagstone that has a random and rectangular look. This rectangular shape will ensure continuity together with the staggered joints that serve to break the monotony. After mortaring, this pattern appears very smooth for sliding chairs inside and outside a dining table.


  • Irregular pattern/Crazy paving


If you need a casual and organic look, choose an irregular flagstone pattern that emphasizes the stone’s natural shape. The wide and sturdy wooden furniture is the right choice for preventing tables and chairs from getting stuck in between stones.

Growing Plants between Flagstones

You can choose to grow plants between the small openings to soften the look of your flagstone patio.  Some of the suitable grasses and groundcovers include:

  • Baby tears
  • Sedum
  • Mint
  • Moss
  • Dichondra

At times, the flagstone patio's surface will be uneven. This could be as a result of poor installation or deep freezes that can cause the heaving of the ground. You can ask a professional installation expert on how to avoid this issue. Avoid furniture that isn’t compactable with joint sizes.

Flagstone Patio Prices

The flagstone patio cost varies widely depending on where you are located, the amount of flagstone you need and the color and type of flagstone. Since flagstone can be expensive, the majority of homeowners use it in combination with other materials such as bricks, manufactured pavers, and concrete. The flagstone patio cost will also depend on the installation method. When the flagstone is mortared on top of a concrete slab, it can be more expensive as compared to dry laying the stones over a base made of sand and gravel.

At Concord Concrete and Masonry, we are experts in the installation of flagstone patios, pool decks, fireplaces, and other cement and masonry projects. You can call us on (925) 329-3594 to discuss your project.