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Concord Martinez Concrete Contractor and Masonry Contractor

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Trusted Concrete and Masonry Contractor in Martinez

Masonry has been around for many years. It is one of the oldest and widely used arts in the world. With the rich heritage of the masonry structures around the world, you can see why art is beneficial.  Contact us at (925) 329-3594  to get free estimates. Masonry involves the use of stone, brick, concrete, and clay to construct buildings.

A Martinez Concrete Contractor and Masonry Contractor can use masonry to:

  • Support load
  • Subdivide spaces
  • Provide acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Provide weather and fire protection
  • Offer privacy to occupants

Masonry Strength

Masonry compressive strength will depend on workmanship and the completeness of bedded structures. To achieve masonry strength, a full mortar bed should be installed. Each course should be hammered properly and the joints filled with mortar.

Why Choose Masonry

There are several properties of masonry that make it a good choice for constructing structures. These include:

  • Durability - Masonry contractors Concord creates strong and solid structures that aren’t affected by hails, snow, stones and other weather elements.
  • Fire-resistant - Masonry structures made of stone are fire resistant and can, therefore, help to protect your belongings.
  • Termite resistant -Unlike wooden structures that are eaten by termites, elements made by Martinez Concrete Contractor and Masonry Contractor, don’t have any wood that can be eaten.
  • Structural integrity - When masonry is used in roofing, it has can bear a great load. It can withstand heavy snow, strong winds, and other harsh weather elements. Due to the performance and reliability of masonry, it has been used for many centuries in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Better insulation - The majority of materials used by a concrete contractor to create walls insulate better than metal. Due to their mass, masonry structures don’t require a lot of insulation levels.
  • Design flexibility - Martinez Concrete Contractor and Masonry Contractor finish structures within a short period. This is unlike precast walls or concrete blocks.
  • Reduce sound transmission - Noise pollution is a major challenge in Concord. Due to the mass and rigidity of masonry structures, they are more effective in reducing unwanted sound and noise.
  • Long-term savings - Since masonry units don't require a lot of repairs, it means that you will end up saving on the cost of the structure in the long-term.
  • Better resale value - Masonry structures have a better resale value as compared to metal or steel. They can preserve their beauty longer and offer a better resale value.

Reach Concord Concrete and Masonry

You can see why you should consider hiring a Concord masonry contractor for your new home construction. If you are looking for a reputed name, you should choose Concord Concrete and Masonry. Whether you need foundation repair, retaining wall or concrete pouring, we can handle it for you. Contact us on (925) 329-3594  to discuss your project.