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Masonry Contractor

masonry project in progress

In Concord, CA, Concord Concrete and Masonry is the preferred masonry service. We can take care of any of your stone, brick or concrete service needs. You have come to the right place if you need a mason to install or repair the things made of brick, stone or concrete. Our professional masonry contractors have received professional training that helps them install and build columns, driveways, sidewalks, walls, and more. There is no limit to what our masonry contractors can do for you. They can also assist with your patio, retaining walls and more. Call on us at (925) 329-3594 for any of your masonry needs.

Stone Mason

Our stone mason’s work with natural stone and some manufactured stone. They also work with veneers. Due to their level of training and experience, they can manipulate it to design whatever it is that you wish to have built. They are also very helpful in selecting the type of stone that should be used for your project. Some stones are better suited than others based on the type of structure it is and your budget. Our stone mason's usually assisted with the installation and repairs of interior and exterior flooring.

Brick Mason

Brick masons work with solid, manufactured, real, and veneer brick. They have perfected their craft and pay close attention to the job they have been asked to perform. Since they pay such close attention to the needs of our customers, they receive the best quality of services possible. They realize that the work they do is important and they want to be certain that it is done right and to your complete satisfaction. If you need a brick patio, wall, fireplace, or any other type of structure built, call on Concord Concrete and Masonry.

Concrete Mason

The masons that we work with can use both block concrete and poured concrete. Their job entails leveling, pouring, finishing and managing the concrete during the hardening process. Weather plays an important part in how the work will turn out. However, it is because of their level of experience that they will know the best time to start and finish the work they have been asked to do. Rest assured that regardless of the extent of your concrete service needs, whether it also includes metalwork, our concrete contractors are always up for the job. They have the necessary skills needed to effectively perform the job.

Affordable Masonry Services

To get the most for your money, rely on a proven effective masonry service, Concord Concrete, and Masonry. We don't just offer the most efficient services; we also offer the most affordable concrete masonry services.

Our masons are trained to handle a variety of services requests, big and small, easy and complex. Allow us to show you why so many calls on us to help with their services needs. If you have a budget then we are certainly your best bet! Get great value for the money when you turn to us for your service needs. Call us at (925) 329-3594 to get a free estimate.