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Concord Stained Concrete

this image shows concord concrete masonry stained concrete concord project for a residential client

Best Stained Concrete Concord

Acid staining is a great way of sprucing your concrete floor. It's now one of the most popular decorative options for residential and commercial premises. This flooring option can turn your dull concrete into a shiny and modern look. To create a stained concrete Concord, special coatings and acids that permeate the concrete are used to chemically alter the concrete color. Get started today, dial (925) 329-3594 for free estimates. 

Choosing Stained Concrete Concord

Even though there are flooring options available at almost the same price, there re some good reasons to choose stained concrete Concord over the other options. To help you make the right choice, here is a list of the pros and cons of the flooring option.


  • Enhances the aesthetic value. Concrete stains are available in different shades such as pastels, deep and neutral tones. These can help to increase the aesthetic value of your floor. Rather than install a new floor, concrete contractors Concord can enhance the original look of your floor by simply adding waves, swirls, stenciled design, and even marbling. 
  • Cost-effective. Staining a floor is more cost-effective as compared to other types of floors. Concrete stains Concord is cheaper than buying a new carpet, tiles installation or laying hardwood.
  • Suitable for other flooring finishes. Before the start of the concrete polishing process, you can apply stains to achieve a glossy and durable finish. This is the perfect choice for areas with high traffic. A clear urethane coating is also a good choice for protecting the surface from scratches and stains.


  • You need to find a reliable and honest concrete contractor which are hard to find these days. Some projects such as adding visual effects like marbling will require the services of a Concord concrete contractor. After the application of the acid stain, you will need to create your preferred patterns within a few seconds.
  • Unsuitable for covering imperfections. Your floor’s imperfections such as discoloration and cracks cannot be improved by acid staining in the same way pigmented epoxy coating and paint can. If your floor is unevenly colored, you may want to consider other flooring options.
  • Purely aesthetic. You can’t improve the lifespan of your concrete by staining it. Neither can you make it resistant to abrasion, stains, and spills. To protect your floor, you need to combine acid staining with another method such as epoxy staining.


Contact Concord Concrete and Masonry Contractor

If you are undecided on whether to choose a stained concrete Concord, you need to speak to a Concord cement contractor. Even where stained concrete Concord isn’t the right choice for your home, the professional concrete contractor will advise on another option such as stamped concrete. One of the names of masonry contractors you should consider is Concord Concrete and Masonry. You can call us today on (925) 329-3594 for free advice.